Christmas Card, Spellbinders card

Spreading Holiday Cheer With Spellbinders

Sleigh Delivering Joy Card I was inspired by the festive spirit when I created my first card, aptly named the Sleigh Delivering Joy Card. The main features of this card include the Delivering Joy Sleigh, Handmade Sentiments, and the Winter Rose Background Betterpress Plate. To start, I die-cut the sleigh pieces using red, craft, gold, […]

Spellbinders card

Crafting Joy with Bibi’s Cats and Pugs Collection

There’s a certain joy in crafting that only fellow creators understand—the way paper transforms beneath our fingers, the thrill of a new die set, and the satisfaction of a finished card that brings a smile to someone’s face. Today, I’m beyond excited to share my latest creations featuring the newest release from Spellbinders: Bibi’s Cats

Christmas Card, Spellbinders card, Stitching

Stitched Bow Card with Spellbinders

Welcome, fellow card-makers! Today, I’m excited to share a beautiful and elegant card project using the Spellbinders’ July 24 Stitching Die of the Month. This die features a delightful bow with stitching holes, perfect for adding a touch of handmade charm to your card-fronts. Follow along as I guide you through the steps to create


You’re a Treasure Pirate Monkey Card

In my latest cardmaking adventure, I had the pleasure of working with the Whittle Pirate Monkey Kit. This kit contains the dies and a mini stamp set with sentiments to go with the theme. Die Cutting I began by die-cutting all the elements using both white and gold cardstock. Gold was reserved for the metal

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