Crafting Joy with Bibi’s Cats and Pugs Collection

There’s a certain joy in crafting that only fellow creators understand—the way paper transforms beneath our fingers, the thrill of a new die set, and the satisfaction of a finished card that brings a smile to someone’s face. Today, I’m beyond excited to share my latest creations featuring the newest release from Spellbinders: Bibi’s Cats and Pugs Collection by the talented Bibi Cameron. This collection is a dream come true for pet lovers and card-makers alike, offering a delightful array of dies to bring our furry friends to life on paper.

Adorable Pug Shaped Card

My first card showcases the Big Pug Etched Die, a charmingly detailed die that captures the lovable essence of a pug. I began by cutting out all the pieces needed to assemble this adorable brown pug. Carefully piecing them together, I felt a sense of anticipation build with each addition. Once the pug was complete, I cut a backing layer from white cardstock, scoring it half an inch from the top to create a hinge for my shaped card. The result? A delightful pug card that stands on its own, ready to bring joy to any recipient.

Graceful Cat Shaped Card

Next, I turned my attention to the Big Cats Etched Die. Much like the pug card, I aimed for a shaped card, this time featuring a graceful gray cat. After cutting out and assembling the cat pieces, I followed the same process of creating a white cardstock backing layer with a hinge. This gray cat, with its elegant lines and poised posture, is perfect for cat enthusiasts and makes a charming addition to any card collection.

Playful Party Puggles Card

For my third card, I couldn’t resist the Party Puggles Die, which creates not one but three playful pugs. These pugs fit perfectly on the card front, bringing a sense of fun and camaraderie. I arranged them against a backdrop created with the Geo Quilt 3D Embossing Folder, which added texture and interest without overpowering the playful pugs. To complete the look, I added some delicate flowers, enhancing the cheerful vibe of the card.

Cheerful Kittens Tag Card

The fourth card features the Cheerful Kittens Etched Die, and I decided to create a charming tag card. Using the Weave 3D Embossing Folder on white cardstock, I crafted a textured background that complements the small gray kitten perfectly. I then cut out a scalloped tag from both craft and white cardstock, layering them for a dimensional effect. Placing the little kitten on the tag created a focal point that is both sweet and eye-catching.


For the sentiments on all my cards, I turned to the Sentiment Tabs from Poppy Stamps, selecting a cheerful “Happy Birthday” to add a universal appeal. Each card, with its unique design and thoughtful details, showcases the versatility and charm of Bibi’s Cats and Pugs collection.

Crafting these cards has been a delightful journey, and I hope they inspire you to create your own pet-themed masterpieces. Whether you’re a dog lover, a cat enthusiast, or both, this collection has something special for everyone. Happy crafting!


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