Fresh Picked Blooms: Pop Up Cards

Spring has sprung early with my latest creations featuring the delightful FRESH PICKED DAFFODIL die set from Spellbinders’ January 2024 release. In this blog post, I present not one but two enchanting pop-up cards inspired by the ingenious techniques of the renowned Jennifer McGuire. Join me on this crafting journey as we explore the simplicity and impact of these floral wonders.

Unveiling the Palette

My creative journey began by die-cutting the intricate flowers and leaves, drawing inspiration from a captivating color palette discovered on Pinterest. Picture deep red blooms and blue foliage set against a serene teal background. This harmonious combination laid the foundation for the visual appeal of the cards. Additionally, I incorporated monstera leaves cut from rich dark blue card-stock, adding an extra layer of botanical charm. This one is from an old Large Die of the month.

Crafting the Pop-Up Magic

The magic of these cards lies in the pop-up feature integrated into the card base. Departing from the traditional A2 size, the card is scored at 2 inches and 3.25 inches from both sides, resulting in four score lines. The clever folding technique—with a valley fold at 2 inches and a mountain fold at 3.25 inches—creates a central pop-up element where the floral wonders find their place.

Radiant Backgrounds

To enhance the visual appeal, a teal cardstock background was adorned using the KALEIDOSCOPE GARDEN BETTERPRESS PLATE and blue Betterpress ink, adding an exquisite impression. This background, meticulously cut to fit the side flaps, serves as a vibrant backdrop. The center, textured with a geometric embossing folder, adds an extra layer of sophistication, setting the stage for the floral showcase.

Adorning with Fresh Picked Beauties

Each card features a meticulously arranged ensemble of Fresh Picked Daffodils. Stem and leaves secured with liquid glue provide a sturdy base, while the flowers gracefully pop up, thanks to strategically placed foam tape. Completing the floral arrangement, monstera leaves adorn either side of the card, creating a balanced and captivating design.

Sweet Sentiments

No greeting is complete without heartfelt sentiments. Using a trusty old die set, I crafted “Happy Birthday” and “Thank You” sentiments. These were delicately cut from coordinating card-stocks and positioned just below the vibrant blooms, adding the perfect finishing touch to each card.

I trust these floral wonders have inspired you to embark on your own crafting adventure. The Fresh Picked Daffodil die set and the pop-up technique open up endless possibilities for creating impactful and visually stunning cards. Let your creativity blossom, and don’t forget to share your creations—happy crafting!


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