Scenic Window Shaker Cards

Step into a world of scenic beauty and creative exploration as we delve into two captivating cards crafted with Tina Smith’s Windows with a View Collection. Featuring the Coastal Escape View and Vista View Window, these shaker cards are a delightful showcase of craftsmanship and imagination. Join me on this crafting journey as we bring these picturesque scenes to life.

Coastal Escape View

Die-Cutting Delight

With the Coastal Escape Die set as our muse, I embarked on crafting a shaker card filled with seaside charm. Utilizing brushed silver cardstock, I meticulously die-cut the circle window and anchor, adding a touch of elegance to the design. The hibiscus flowers took center stage, each crafted with one shade of red cardstock but adding copic coloring to the inside part for a vibrant two-toned effect. Completing the scene, monster leaves in lush green added a pop of tropical flair.

Shaking Up Creativity

To infuse our card with interactive fun, I transformed the circle window into a shaker element. Adding an acetate sheet behind the window, I carefully layered foam tape around the perimeter to create a snug enclosure for the sequins. This ensured a delightful shake and shimmer effect that would captivate any recipient.

Background Mapping Memories

For the backdrop, I chose a patterned paper with a charming map print, reminiscent of coastal adventures and wanderlust. Cutting it to size, I created a white border to frame the design, providing a perfect canvas for our scenic creation. With the background set, it was time to bring our seaside scene to life.

Bringing it All Together

With all elements prepared, I carefully assembled the card, layering the patterned paper, shaker window, and anchor in perfect harmony. The vibrant hibiscus flowers and lush greenery added depth and dimension, completing our coastal escape with a touch of tropical elegance. The finished result was a stunning shaker card that captured the beauty of the seaside in every detail.

Vista View Window

Through the Vista

Moving on to our second card, we explore the enchanting Vista View Window, a picturesque scene waiting to be brought to life. Using dark brown and light brown cardstock, I die-cut the window and basket, setting the stage for a charming countryside vista. The red hibiscus flowers and lush green leaves added a pop of color, infusing the scene with warmth and vitality.

Shake, Shake, Shake

Continuing the theme of interactivity, I transformed the Vista View Window into a shaker element, adding a touch of whimsy to our countryside scene. Sequins nestled within the window added a playful sparkle, inviting the recipient to shake and enjoy the magic of our handmade creation.

Crafting the Background

For the backdrop, I selected a patterned paper adorned with delicate flowers along the bottom, perfectly complementing the rustic charm of our countryside vista. This whimsical touch added interest to our card, creating a harmonious backdrop for our scenic creation.

Planting Possibilities

With all elements in hand, I carefully assembled the card, positioning the Vista View Window atop the floral backdrop. The vibrant hibiscus flowers appeared as if planted in the basket, adding a touch of whimsy to our countryside scene. The finished result was a charming shaker card that captured the rustic beauty of the countryside in every detail.

And there you have it—two enchanting cards crafted with Tina Smith’s Windows with a View Collection. Now, dear readers, it’s your turn to weigh in! Which scene captured your heart? And what sentiment would you choose to accompany these scenic creations? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below, and let’s continue to inspire each other on this creative journey.


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