Spellbinders Stitching Die June 24

Hello, fellow crafters! I’m excited to share my latest card creations using the fabulous Spellbinders Stitching Die of the Month for June 2024. This month’s die set features delightful ice cream cones, complete with stitching holes for that extra touch of texture and detail. I’ve made two cards with this set, each with its unique twist on the ice cream theme. Let’s dive in!

Card 1: Classic Ice Cream Cup with Dark Brown Stitching

For the first card, I crafted a classic ice cream cup. The cup itself is adorned with rich, dark brown stitching, giving it a warm and traditional feel. I opted for a scoop of strawberry ice cream, stitched with darker pink thread adding a touch of uniqueness to the design. The stitching really brings the card to life, creating a tactile element that stands out.

To frame the ice cream cone, I used a rounded corner rectangle die from A2 Gift card holder die cutting it from a beautiful marble-patterned paper. The marble design adds a sophisticated backdrop, perfectly complementing the classic look of the cone. The sentiment “Have a cool summer” is from the same die set.

Card 2: Elegant Ice Cream Cone with Champagne Metallic Stitching

The second card features an elegant ice cream cone instead of a cup. For the stitching, I chose a champagne-colored metallic thread, which adds a luxurious touch. This time, I went with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, creating a fresh and vibrant contrast against the metallic stitching.

Similar to the first card, I used the rounded corner rectangle die to cut a piece of the same marble-patterned paper for the background. The marble pattern offers a chic and consistent backdrop, allowing the delicate metallic stitching and the vibrant strawberry ice cream to shine. For the sentiment I used the die cut “Have a sweet day” which is also included in the set.

Final Thoughts

Both cards highlight the versatility of the Spellbinders Stitching Die of the Month for June 2024. Whether you prefer the traditional charm of a dark brown stitched cone or the elegant touch of a metallic threaded cup, these dies offer endless creative possibilities. The marble-patterned paper adds a cohesive and stylish background that enhances the overall look of each card.

I hope these cards inspire you to explore different stitching color combinations with your die sets. Happy crafting!


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