Embroidered Wedding Card: Spellbinders Feb 24 Stitching Die

Step into a world of intricate beauty and handmade charm with my latest creation featuring Spellbinders’ Stitching Die of the Month for February 2024. This extraordinary die not only fills the A2 card front but also adds a captivating floral design with stitching indentation lines. In this blog post, I’ll take you through the delightful process of creating a card that marries the art of embroidery with the elegance of die-cutting, resulting in a truly unique and stunning piece.


To kick off this creative journey, I selected a Portobello Color Essential card-stock and die-cut it using the Stitching Die of the Month. This die not only cuts out the intricate floral pattern but also includes stitching lines for each element – from the delicate flowers to the center circle. This thoughtful design made the stitching process a breeze, guiding the way for a beautifully embroidered masterpiece.

Threaded Elegance

Choosing a subtle color palette, I opted for a very pale pink DMC embroidery thread for the small and large flowers, creating a delicate contrast against the Portobello cardstock. For the leaves and center circle, a touch of opulence was introduced with gold DMC embroidery thread. The harmonious blend of pale pink and gold created a symphony of elegance, enhancing the visual appeal of the stitched elements.

Layered Embellishments

Taking the card to the next level, I added dimension and sparkle with layered die-cuts. Behind the larger embroidered flower, a glitter gold cardstock counterpart was carefully cut and adhered with glue, introducing a subtle shimmer. The center circle received a similar treatment, with a gold circle die cut providing a double-layered effect. The strategic use of foam tape ensured a balanced elevation, adding depth to the stitched design.

Foiled Sentiments

For the sentiments, I turned to the Mini Everyday Foil Sentiments, choosing a heartfelt “Congratulations” message. Using gold hot foil, I added a touch of opulence to a Portobello cardstock strip, cutting it out with its banner die for an elegant finish. The sentiment strip found its place in the center, secured with glue, and further elevated with foam tape on the outer edges. This sophisticated addition brought a warm and celebratory touch to the embroidered creation.

Completing this golden embroidery journey, I adorned the center of the small and large flowers with Taupe pearls, adding a touch of pearlescent beauty. The Spellbinders’ Stitching Die of the Month for February 2024 has proven to be a versatile tool, seamlessly blending the art of stitching with the finesse of die-cutting. This card is not just a creation; it’s a celebration of texture, elegance, and the joy of crafting. As you embark on your own stitching adventure, may it be filled with the same enchantment and delight. Happy crafting!


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