Love In Bloom:

Love is in full bloom with Poppy Stamps’ enchanting Valentine’s release for 2024! In this blog post, I’m thrilled to share the creative journey behind three distinct cards featuring the Nordic Fancy Blossoms die set and the Scallop Pinpoint Hearts die set. Each card is a unique expression of love, combining delicate florals, intricate die cuts, and heartfelt sentiments. Join me as we dive into the world of blossoming romance and artistic craftsmanship.

Card One: Mirror Reflection

Bountiful Blooms

The first card unfolds with the Nordic Fancy Blossoms die set used as intended – a mirror reflection of delicate florals. Using two shades of pink and a mirror cardstock from Memory Box, I meticulously die-cut a bunch of flowers, assembling them with stems. The bottom layer and top two layers of die cuts are strategically separated with foam tape, creating a captivating play of dimension and interest.

Heartfelt Texture

To complement the floral elegance, I die-cut a heart using the Scallop Pinpoint Hearts die and white card-stock. Adding a touch of texture, I embossed the center cutout heart with the Vintage Tray 3D embossing folder. This subtle detail enhances the visual appeal of the heart, setting the stage for a love-infused masterpiece.

Patterned Harmony

Choosing a pattern paper from my stash that harmonizes with the die-cut flowers, I used it to fill the entire card front. The background becomes a canvas for the blossoms to shine. With the heart at the center, I arranged the flowers facing away from each other, filling the heart shape beautifully. Extra die-cut leaves  fill the white embossed area .

Love in Foil

Completing the masterpiece, a hot-foiled sentiment strip that reads “Love you always” is added along the bottom of the heart. The sentiment, elevated with foam tape, brings the card to life, radiating affection and warmth.

Card Two: Floral Symphony

Layered Love

For the second card, the Nordic Fancy Blossoms take center stage along with their shadow layer. A strip of pattern paper along the card front’s center, flanked by pink card-stock, creates a visual focal point. The layered flower arrangements, along with die-cut leaves, form a symphony of blooms.

Sentimental Flourish

The sentiment “Happy Valentine’s Day,” add a touch of elegance, graces the center of the card. This sentiment banner, mounted with foam tape, becomes the heart of the floral arrangement. 

Blooms in Harmony

The strategic placement of the flowers, coming from the top left and bottom right, adds a sense of balance and harmony. The floral symphony continues as the die-cut leaves fill the remaining space, creating a harmonious composition. The card exudes a timeless charm, capturing the essence of Valentine’s Day with its layered blooms and heartfelt sentiment.

Balanced Beauty

The beauty of this card lies in the balance of elements—layered flowers, die-cut leaves, and a central sentiment. The carefully curated color palette and arrangement make it a perfect ode to the day of love.

Card Three: Sentiments in Bloom

Unique Radiance

The third card takes a unique turn as it features only the flowers without stems and leaves. The card base, covered in pattern paper, sets the stage for a radiance of sentiment. 

Crimped Elegance

A crimped strip of white card-stock adds a touch of elegance along the left side of the card-front. This is where the flower arraignments and the sentiments are going to sit.

Foil Plate Sentiment

The sentiment “Big Hugs,” in its foiled glory, becomes the focal point of this card. The sentiment comes from You Are Amazing Pie Script Greetings foil plate foiled with gold on pink card-stock and then die cut using it’s coordinating die.

Floral Embrace

The three flowers at the top and bottom leave a central space for the sentiment to shine. The sentiment is strategically placed, allowing the flowers to radiate around it, creating a unique and eye-catching visual. 

In conclusion, this card set for Valentine’s Day showcases the versatile beauty of the Nordic Fancy Blossoms die set and Scallop Pinpoint Hearts die set. Each card tells a distinct story of love, from mirror reflections to floral symphonies and sentiments in bloom. As you embark on your own card-making journey, let the blooms of love guide your creative spirit. Happy crafting!



2604 Nordic Fancy Blossoms

pSF804 You Are Amazing Poe Script Greetings Hot Foil Plate and Dies

2616 Scallop Pinpoint Hearts

EF1040 Vintage Tray 3D Embossing Folder and Die

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