Pressed Posies Collection: Trio Of Birthday Cards

Welcome, fellow creators! Today, I’m thrilled to showcase the artistry behind three enchanting cards crafted using the PRESSED POSIES COLLECTION from Spellbinders. Featuring the COSMOS BACKDROP PRESS PLATE and FLOWER STEMS PRESS PLATE AND DIE SET, each card tells a unique story of creativity and elegance. Join me on this journey as we explore the intricate process of letterpress, stenciling, coloring, die-cutting and assembling to bring these cards to life.

Blue Cosmic Symphony

Our journey begins with the COSMOS BACKDROP PRESS PLATE, a mesmerizing design accompanied by a COSMOS BACKDROP STENCIL for easy coloring. Starting with porcelain cotton card-Stock, I created a stunning letterpress imprint using black ink. The magic unfolded as I delicately stenciled the panel with distressed oxide inks in blues for the flowers and greens for leaves.

Sentimental Elegance

The SEALED SENTIMENTS CLEAR STAMP set played a pivotal role in bringing forth the “Wishing you all the best” stamped and embossed in white on blue card-stock piece. Die-cut into circles and elevated with foam tape, the sentiment added a touch of elegance, completing the cosmic symphony of our first card.

Assembling The Cosmos Symphony

For the finishing touches, I added the inked and colored panels to A2 size top-folding cards. Then the sentiment on foam tape along the bottom left balanced the composition and completed this card.

Cosmic Elegance Unveiled

The COSMOS BACKDROP PRESS PLATE has woven its magic, creating a symphony of undoubtable beauty. The interplay of colors, stenciling, and sentiments has resulted in a card that radiates elegance.

Pink Cosmos In Bloom

Transitioning to the pink cosmos with COSMOS BACKDROP PRESS PLATE the second card embraces the beauty of floral elegance. Using the same porcelain cotton card-stock, I embarked on a letterpress journey, imprinting the cosmos in striking black ink. The coordinating stencil once again proved invaluable as I infused the panels with a blend of distressed oxide inks in pinks for flowers and and greens for leaves.

Beyond Stenciling

While the blue panel remained untouched after the inking process, the pink counterpart received a layer of pencil coloring. This additional step brought out intricate details in the petals and leaves, creating a dynamic contrast with the cosmos’s delicate elegance.

Sentimental Bloom

As with the first card, the sentiments played a crucial role in elevating the card’s charm. Utilizing the SEALED SENTIMENTS CLEAR STAMP set, “Here’s to another year” stamped and embossed in white on pink card-stock. Die-cut into circles and mounted on foam tape, these sentiments added a touch of sentimentality, completing the cosmos’ blooming narrative.

Cosmos Perfected

The COSMOS BACKDROP PRES PLAE has once again proven to be a canvas for floral dreams. From the letterpress imprint to the delicate stenciling and pencil detailing, this card exudes a sense of timeless beauty.

Floral Whimsy

Crafting Flowers

Our grand finale features the FLOWER STEMS PRESS PLATE AND DIE SET, an embodiment of whimsical charm. Using the Better Press system, I created a bunch of flowers, cutting them out with the coordinating dies. Coloring with a peach Karin watercolor marker brought these flowers to life, while the leaves danced in shades of green

Striped Canvas

For the background, a playful stripe pattern paper became the stage for our poppy ensemble. Matted with a peach card-stock border, the arrangement took shape. The flowers, strategically placed on foam tape, turned the background into a printed garden, creating a harmonious visual delight.

Sentimental Flourish

Turning to sentiments, YANA’S LAYERED SCRYPT SENTIMENTS and the word “Happy” took center stage. Die-cut from gold card-stock and layered with white die cuts behind it for dimension, the sentiment was further adorned with a foiled strip that reads “birthday.” The result? A sentiment that sings “Happy Birthday” with a touch of sophistication.

Floral Panache

The FLOWERS STEMS PRESS PLATE has brought whimsy and sophistication together in a dance of colors and floral charm. From crafting the flowers to arranging them on a vibrant backdrop, this card encapsulates the joy of celebration.

As our trio of floral orchestra concludes, I invite you to explore the PRESSED POSIES BETTERPRESS COLLECTION and embark on your own journey of pressed elegance. Happy crafting!


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