Game Day Glory With Spellbinders

Get ready for a sports-themed crafting adventure like no other! In this blog post, I’m excited to share not one, but three exciting cards that feature the dynamic GAME DAY COLLECTION by Spellbinders. From die-cutting athletic apparel to creating an entire sporting world, these cards are a testament to the versatility and joy of crafting. Let’s dive into the details of each card, each one a unique celebration of athleticism and creativity.

Card 1: The Soccer Sensation

For my first card, I couldn’t resist the allure of a yellow half-sleeve jersey with bold black accents created with the ATHLETIC APPAREL ETCHED DIE. It had that unmistakable soccer vibe! Paired with a soccer ball which was from the SPORTING GOODS SET ETCHED DIE, it was a match made in crafting heaven. I added the number one, cut and assembled from the JERSEY NUMBERS SET ETCHED DIE, giving it that authentic jersey feel.

To set the stage, I used a shimmery white panel embossed with the SPORTS TALK EMBOSSING FOLDER, perfectly matted with black cardstock, creating a striking border. Placing the yellow jersey front and center with the soccer ball at the lower left corner, the composition came to life.

As for the sentiment, I didn’t need a stamp. Thanks to the versatile SPORTS TALK EMBOSSING FOLDER, I embossed the words “go for it” onto black cardstock and expertly trimmed it into a strip. A finishing touch of white gel pen on the letters made the sentiment pop. And just like that, the first card was ready to score some crafting points!

Card 2: The Basketball Blitz

For my second creation, I ventured into the world of basketball with the ATHLETIC APPAREL ETCHED DIE. A blue sleeveless jersey with a vibrant V-neck and eye-catching yellow accents became the star. Paired with a basketball created with SPORTING GOODS SET ETCHED DIE, the card radiated a love for the game.

Creating dimension was key. So, I carefully die-cut craft card-stock with notched corners and embossed it using the same SPORTS TALK EMBOSSING FOLDER. To give it some sturdiness, I added a white card-stock layer underneath.

Positioning the jersey at a dynamic angle with foam tape, I placed the basketball at the lower left corner. The jersey proudly sported the number 21, die-cut in white on red using JERSEY NUMBERS SET ETCHED DIE.

As for the sentiment, a line that read “have fun” was embossed, cut into a strip, and given a legible touch with white gel pen. And with that, the second card was ready to score big!

Card 3: The Bowling Bonanza

For my third and final card, I went bowling! The SPORTING GOODS SET ETCHED DIE had the perfect bowling ball and pins. I opted for white pins and a red ball, creating a striking contrast.

To set the mood, I ink-blended a subtle black suit around the edges of the embossed craft cardstock background, creating a vignette effect that highlighted the center of the panel. I used th SPORTS TALK EMBOSSING FOLDER again. I artfully arranged the ball and pins, capturing the moment of impact.

For the sentiment, I chose the words “believe in you” and, once again, enhanced their readability with white gel pen. This completed my third card, a celebration of the belief in oneself.

Each of these cards represents a different facet of the GAME DAY COLLECTION‘S versatility and the joy of crafting. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, or bowling, there’s a card for every sports enthusiast. So, get ready to cheer for creativity and celebrate the love of the game, one card at a time!


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